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Brand Guidelines
Logo color
When the logo appears on a white background, use our primary, authorized Walmart medium blue and yellow.

Alternative Color Backgrounds
When the Walmart logo is used on a color background that is in equal value or brighter than PANTONE® 285C, reverse the logo out to white. Our primary, authorized Walmart medium blue (PANTONE® 285 C) is preferred when you need a blue background.

Using the black and white logo
If you can't use color, produce our logo in black. If the background is black, please reverse the logo out.

The spark should only be used in Walmart yellow (PANTONE® 1235) or white.

Bogle Font
Tagline clear space
Always maintain clear space around the Walmart signature to protect the logo from distracting graphics or typography.
Using the logo and tagline on a color background
Small-size lockup use
Please never reproduce the logo/tagline lockup smaller than 1-1/4" wide, measured from the “W” to the right side edge of the spark in Walmart.
Using the black and white logo with tagline