Walmart Logo Usage Requirements

Thank you for your interest in using the Walmart logo. Requests to use the Walmart logo are currently limited to activities conducted or sponsored by Walmart or specific Walmart stores, or for which Walmart or a specific Walmart store provided funds, goods or services. In order to submit your request, please complete the following steps:

  1. Carefully read the terms and conditions in the Agreement below. By submitting a signed request to use the Walmart logo, you consent to be bound by and to act in accordance with all terms, conditions, guidelines, and restrictions set forth in: (a) these instructions, (b) the request form, (c) the Agreement provided below, and (d) any modifications that Walmart may, from time to time, make to them. However, no permission is granted unless and until you receive a written, notice of permission signed by a member of the Walmart Brand Team.
  2. Attach final artwork for all proposed uses with a precise depiction of where the Walmart logo will be placed. The submission must also show all images and text that will be used in the document, signage or other communication in which the proposed logo use is to occur. Please retain a copy of your submission. We cannot guarantee that your submission will be reviewed, received or retained.
  3. Email the completed form and the proposed final artwork to
  4. We cannot accept time limits or deadlines placed in any request, and if you do not receive a signed, written approval, the request has not been approved.
  5. For questions or concerns, please email the Walmart Brand Center at