Our Brand
Saving people money so they can live better.
Our company’s purpose is our reason for being: It drives all our business decisions and actions. It is the guiding philosophy we are proud to communicate both internally and externally.
Who We Are
Something Sam Walton once said best explains it:
"The feeling our customers have when they leave our stores determines how soon they’ll be back."
The same thing applies to our brand.
When we communicate our brand, we want that message to be clear. By creating consistent images and messages that welcome and appeal, customers will come back – again and again.
Who We Serve
Our audience.
Our customers.
We serve all of America. Our customers are not defined by demographics but by their desire for value, and they depend on us to deliver value every day. They want to save money on life’s essentials as well as the things that make life special. What’s most important to them is convenience, low prices and quality products.
Our Positioning
"If we work together, we’ll lower the cost of living for everyone...we’ll give the world an opportunity to see what it’s like to save and have a better life."
-Sam Walton
For price-sensitive shoppers, Walmart is the retailer that makes them feel “smart” and helps them live better because only Walmart delivers every day low prices on the brands they trust, in an easy, fast, one-stop shopping experience.
Our Personality
It’s our job to make sure that all of our communications are consistent with the following brand personality traits. Our brand personality traits describe how we want our customers to perceive our company.